Swiftness and
love to explore.

- Two major keyroles in our studio representing our success.

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A website and linking of databases for an organization:

A project began from simple sketches on paper and turned into a functional website. Visited by students to register for courses that are run weekly.

From an administration point of view, a window was designed to contain reports showing all the registered students and the ability to print the current registrations.

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Designing a wesbite for school and developing a local program:

Our team was capable to develop a program (on Windows) to be used by the administration to ease up the following tasks:

1. Registering students' informations into a database that is hosted inside the school premises.
2. Registering students' marks at the end of the semester via the teachers
3. Certificate printing.

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Design and code an Android game:

Everything from sketch to developing was done by our team to create an Android game and publish it on the Google Play Store